Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pix

Saturday we colored eggs and had an Easter egg hunt with Hubby's family.

Little Miss Sunshine munching some crackers and hamming it up for the camera (a rare occurrence- she keeps looking down or turning away to avoid having her picture taken).

Unhappy about something. I think she wanted to go out and look for eggs but was told she had to wait till everyone was ready.

Finally outside and looking for eggs. The bunny ears only stayed on for a few minutes: it got too windy and they kept blowing right off her head.

Sunday we took some pictures before church of her in her Easter dress. This one turned out pretty good, except she wouldn't let go of nanny (who is starting to look very ratty from being carried everywhere).

We went outside to try again. It was snowing, so there's some snowflakes floating around in her hair. I really like this one.

We weren't sure how the previous tries had turned out, so we tried again once we got to church. I'm holding her hand, trying to get her to stay still long enough for her daddy to take the picture.

After church, we found the Easter baskets my mom and brother (dad was still at church) had hid for us. There's a long-standing tradition of finding the most obscure places possible to hide the Easter baskets. Unless you're little, in which case, it's really easy to find. LMS's was in plain sight and she had no problem finding it. Here she's snuggling the bunny that was in her basket.

She immediately handed me the peeps, she didn't even taste them, just decided she didn't want them. Perhaps the unnatural neon yellow tipped her off that they weren't really edible. Smart child.


  1. Jenifer, cute blog!! I can't believe how grown up you little one looks, she's adorable. Glad to hear your hubby is home safe:)