Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday party

Last year I made a Nemo cake and pinata for LMS.

This year, between two parties to plan and prepare for, not feeling great because of the meds I'm on, and general stress from everything that's happening, I made the cake and bought the pinata. So much less stress in that one simple step.

I found some photos of castle cakes online and modified them to my abilities and available materials (regular frosting rather than fondant). It took awhile, but I had fun doing it. I think I'm going to experiment with some white chocolate fondant for next year. Hopefully it won't taste as blah as regular fondant.
LMS really liked her castle cake.
And she had a lot of fun whacking at the pinata.

For one of the activities I had the kids decorate white paper bags with handles. These served the dual purpose of bag to collect pinata candy and take-home treat bag. At the end of the party, I gave each child a bag with a make-your-own edible necklace kit and a bag with Hershey's Kisses with stickers on them and some larger character stickers (Cinderella for the girls, Cars for the boys). I can't claim credit for any of the ideas: the small round stickers I found on ebay and the edible necklace kit idea came from a magazine (Parent, Parenting, one of those, I can't remember which right off).

LMS modeling her necklace.

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