Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back from vacation

We went to hubby's post-deployment thing (lots of fun sitting in meetings all day) while Little Miss Sunshine stayed with my sister and had lots of fun playing with her cousins.

After the meetings were all done we hit IKEA, picking up a desktop for hubby (it's on two short filing cabinets) and a child-size table and chair for LMS. I realized awhile ago that she didn't have a table for coloring, doing puzzles, putting dishes out, etc. They were super quick and easy to put together and she loves having a table and chair just her size. We also picked up some miniature cooking utensils and some dishes. The colors of the dishes coordinate quite nicely with her tea set. Not sure if you can see them, but there's also some miniature silverware on the table. They're another IKEA find that she received for her birthday, and I think they are just so cute!

Since we were on a road trip, we decided to do it properly. This meant going through Monterey on the way to Disneyland. We stopped to see my aunt and uncle that live in the area. It was good to see them and talk for a little while. We wanted to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but ran out of time unfortunately. We then headed south and picked up hubby's brother before stopping to see another aunt and uncle.
We ended up with 3-day park-hopper passes (free for the guys and greatly discounted for LMS and me!), and rather than trying to cram everything into one day (which we've done on 3 previous occasions), we took our time. We spent 2 days at Disneyland and 1 at California Adventure. Soo much nicer! We went to Disney on Friday and Saturday and CA on Monday- definitely a good thing to take a breather in the middle. LMS was in overload on Saturday, but after resting on Sunday she was good to go Monday.

LMS is old enough to appreciate things now, and really enjoyed seeing the various characters and riding the rides. She's too small for a lot of them, but there was a good number she could ride. Some of them were scary in parts, but she hid her face in my chest and was fine.

The rider switch passes are such a time-saver! Hubby and his brother would wait in line (using fast passes where available), while LMS and I waited outside. Before they got in line, we got a rider switch pass from the worker, and when they were done with the ride, one of the guys and I would then be able to ride the ride (while the other watched LMS), using the fast pass entrance or going through the exit. The guys liked it because they got to ride some of the rides twice in a row.

We had lots of fun at the parks, and a good time visiting with family, then headed back home. When we got back I unpacked and put everything away and then got down to re-arranging our room again. I got everything in, and I think I like it, so hopefully we won't have to change it again.
LMS and I went for a 4 mile run/walk yesterday. We did a lot of walking at Disneyland, but that was at sea level. I could definitely feel the difference here. That and it's been awhile since I did any running. I have got to be more regular about it from here on out.

I didn't run today, but I did spend several hours in the hot sun raking wood chips from around a large wood pile so we could burn them. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds. But the area looks better and we were able to get rid of unusable (can't be burned in a wood-burning stove) wood that was cluttering up the yard. We have a lot of log splitting to do, and then the rest of the wood can get stacked and we won't have an unsightly pile in the back pasture area anymore.

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