Saturday, May 30, 2009

Current projects

My most pressing project is to exercise every day and be really diligent about what I eat (and how much). That way if I'm still not losing weight in a couple weeks I can go to my doctor and ask to get my thyroid checked.

That's an ongoing project and the rest of my current ones are pretty much a one-time deal. They should keep me pretty busy during the next week or two.

1. We (Little Miss Sunshine and I) need to make thank you notes for her birthday presents.

2. I need to hang some pictures on the wall. There's a nice open expanse on one wall now that I've rearranged the furniture.

3. Do some sewing- mend a coat and sew a simple dress for a friend, sew an apron for LMS, and whatever else I find that needs to be done, like maybe some fabric food for LMS.

4. Order our credit reports and credit scores so we can find out what they are and make sure they're correct. If not, do whatever needs to be done to fix them, so that they can be as high as possible when we're ready to buy a house.

5. Sort and organize the papers that go in the file cabinets. I now have two in the house and they're both easily accessible so I need to get my filing system in order.

6. Sort LMS's clothes: pack away winter things and dig out her summer clothes.

7. Find out more about MyCAA, which is financial aid for military spouses. Not sure if I'm currently eligible or have to wait for the next deployment.

8. Pick out monograms and make new name tapes for duffel bags (like the suitcases and blankets I've bought before) for hubby's nieces and nephews (Christmas presents for one family- check!)

9. Set up shelves, organize food storage, and make a list of items still needed.

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  1. Fun! I love all of your projects. Good luck with all of this! I've been thinking about making some felt food and found some pretty good patterns here:
    and here:

    (I have no idea how to post them as links!)