Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beautiful weather is here, let's see if it stays...

We've managed to start exercising again. Last Wednesday we went for a just-under-3-mile run/walk. Yesterday we went for a bike ride, and today we went for another just-under-3-mile run/walk. Both run/walks felt good, and today we drove our route so we know where the 1.5 mile mark is (for a full 3 mile run), as well as the 2 mile mark so we can work up to 4 miles. We need to improve our run to walk ratio, but so far we're doing good. The bike ride yesterday was tough. We did 2.75 miles, and I could definitely tell it's been awhile since I was last on my bike. And it's been who-knows-how-long since I rode with Little Miss Sunshine behind me. Nothing like pulling an extra 60 pounds (LMS and the trailer) behind you to give you a good workout.

After the walk today I spent 5 or 6 hours reorganizing our storage container. That's 5 or 6 hours of lifting and moving heavy boxes and bins. Hopefully I burned lots of calories. I still have more work to do tomorrow: sorting 3 really big boxes of misc. stuff and sorting through 6 bins and 3 large bags of clothing. Most of the stuff will be donated or chucked, so that will open up a bit of space in the container. I've also moved everything around, so hopefully the space is better used now. I also need to sort through 30 boxes of books and 4 trunks of Hubby's stuff. I can hardly wait...

My OCD side was definitely exerting itself today. I went through each of the boxes that have already been opened and moved everything to its appropriately-labeled box. I've been tossing everything into whichever box was open and had space. While convenient, this did not reduce clutter and chaos. I'll still have some decluttering to do when we move into our own place, but at least I'll be able to find things easier in the meantime.

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