Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ocean's 2nd Birthday

such a cutie!

Ocean turned two a week or so ago, and he celebrated by figuring out how to climb out of his crib.

Sunshine never climbed out of her crib, despite staying in past her 2nd birthday. River never had the chance because we moved him to a big boy bed when he was about 20 months or so, in preparation for Ocean being born and taking over the crib.

he thought the candles were interesting
(there's three candles because we put an extra "to grow on")

A couple mornings after his birthday Ocean climbed out of his crib, but I thought it was just a fluke. I moved the dresser that sat at the end of the crib, just in case he’d used that to climb out, and he didn’t climb out at naptime. Though I think that was only because I pulled him out of his crib not too long after he woke up.

That night I put him in bed, then got River into bed. I was reading on my bed, waiting till the boys quieted down, when Ocean started fussing a bit, then calmed down and started talking. The talking was accompanied by some pitter patter footsteps and some complaints from River.

I went into his room and found Ocean climbing into River’s bed.

He’d climbed out of his crib (the fussing) and gone into River’s room.

singing happy birthday to him

I put Ocean back in his bed, but he climbed right back out and went back to River’s room. At that point I gave in and pulled Ocean’s mattress out of his crib and plopped it on the floor of River’s room. We’d been planning on moving him out of his crib in Sunshine’s room and into River’s room, but I thought we had more time.

River objected to Ocean climbing into his bed, so he ended up falling asleep on my bed while Ocean fell asleep in his room. I can tell there’s going to be an adjustment period for the boys…

gotta clap after every song :)

Ocean's timing is impeccable. 

As I decluttered a couple weeks ago, I determined to finish the various projects sitting around the house. Like finally painting all the kids’ beds. We have two matched sets of twin beds, but only three of the frames were set up. Sunshine was sleeping on one frame (frame A) with Ocean in his crib. River was sleeping on the other frame A and one frame B was set up (without a mattress and bunky board) in his room so I could get an idea of how much space two twin beds take in the room. The other frame B was stored in a closet. 

Pulling the beds apart to paint them made it a lot easier to move them to the rooms I wanted them in (frame As for the boys and frame B for Sunshine), which meant it was also the time to play musical bedrooms with the kids. More on that another day!

we had a hard time getting him to blow out the candles
he didn't quite understand what we wanted him to do, but he will next year

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