Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Rocket Roundup

 baking soda and vinegar rocket

A couple weeks we held our third annual Cub Scout Rocket Roundup. This has proved to be a popular activity that the boys, and their families, really enjoy. The downside of holding it in July is that we are always missing some of the boys since they're out of town. We had a small, but enthusiastic turn out.

water rocket

double water rockets

This year we had a great variety of creative rockets. The pool noodle rocket below has great potential for our kiddos to play with (homemade nerf guns, anyone?). I could also see them being a hit at family reunions.

match stick rockets- tiny, but cool

We don't do any rockets with engines, but stick to chemical reactions and pressure- water or air. I think they're even more fun than the standard model rocket, and they're usually easier to set off multiple times.

store bought baking soda and citric acid rocket. it was a bit wimpy, but hilarious in its wimpiness. the pic below is about as high as it got before falling to the ground. The weak reaction was similar to the alka-seltzer and mini m&m tube rockets we tried our first year. The flops are just as much fun as the ones that perform as expected.

We ended with the stomp rockets we've used the last couple years. These are always a hit with the kiddos since they can all make their own paper rockets to send flying. One of the girls put petal fins on her rocket that slowed its fall and looked seriously cool.

I love that I caught River jumping up to land on the pop bottle :)

doesn't Ocean look like he really wants to jump on the bottle? he did jump, but he just doesn't weigh enough to make the paper rocket go very far

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