Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Mileage

River was proud of himself for crossing the stream on the boulders, all by himself :)

I had another productive week, and I managed to do it while chauffeuring Sunshine to nature camp every morning. Mr M picked her up in the afternoons, which allowed me to have the uninterrupted time I needed to make good progress on the beds. I’d started one of the beds on Saturday, so on Monday I brought the matching bed to the same point, then finished them in tandem.

Well, I finished them on Tuesday, but you know what I mean J

Wednesday I started on the second set of beds, and finished them Friday afternoon.

another view of those boulders- from what I read, the water can get very close to the top, if not actually cover the top of them

I’m quite pleased with myself for sticking to it and not taking forever to finish them. I started painting the kitchen cupboards forever ago, and while I finally finished the doors and got them back on, that was only for half the lower cupboards. The other half and the uppers all still need to be started. Someday….

the view upstream while standing on the boulders

Anyway, six days of hard work and they were ready to go back upstairs.

Saturday we moved the kids' bedrooms around, putting Sunshine in the smaller room and the boys in the larger room (I'll do a post on their rooms and the beds later), and I even hung artwork on the walls. I've been putting it off for way too long, but I also had stacks of stuff that needed to be hung, so I bit the bullet and did it. Putting holes in the walls makes me so nervous... I've used command hooks in the past, but I don't think they're always the best option, and I didn't use them in the bedrooms.

such a peaceful trail- we'll have to come back to this one when it's not so hot and humid

All the busyness meant I didn’t get my mileage in, though the boys and I did go on a hike one morning after dropping Sunshine off. We went to a reservoir near Sunshine’s camp and started hiking towards a waterfall. The water level was really low though, and it was a bit longer than I thought River could handle, so we only went part way before turning around. We’ll do it another time when there’s more water and Mr M can help jolly River along.

I’d planned a second hike Friday morning at a park that’s a bit further than we usually go for a hike, but that was on the way home from Sunshine’s camp. Unfortunately, River was under the weather, so we skipped it so he could rest.

a fellow hiker offered to take our picture, so here's a rare non-selfie photo of me hiking with the kiddos. Ocean has a great smile, but River was making faces in all of them- maybe he thinks he's smiling? he's at that age...

Weekly mileage
Thursday:1.60 miles hiking with the boys
            Total mileage: 1.60 miles

362.45 miles towards #365milechallenge (so close to hitting the mark!)

hike #28 toward #52hikechallenge

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