Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Funny

playing peek a boo with bobby the blankie

We were driving in the RV, and River had to pee.

River: "I need to pee!"
Me: "Ok, let's be quick."
Ocean: "Go pee!" (as he tugged on his car seat straps)
Me: "Sorry, but no. You've only peed on the floor so far, so you can just stay in your car seat."

Ocean just wanted to get out of his car seat. While he has shown some interest in the toilet, he always pees on the floor of the bathroom or in the shower or tub, all while standing up. He'll sit on his little potty, but he doesn't pee until he stands up and steps away from the potty. I'm guessing he's trying to pee like his older brother, who insists on peeing while standing up.

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