Friday, December 2, 2016

November Mileage

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In November I missed one week completely- I was just too busy to get on the treadmill and Sunshine had a science field trip that Thursday morning when we usually go on a hike, and no race was scheduled for Saturday. It happens.

Despite the lack of training time, I did run my 39th, 40th, and 41st races towards my 40 by 40 goal. Hitting that 40 mark is liberating since I can take a break from squeezing in so many races, which frees up a little bit of time, which I need.

I was super busy in November because at the beginning of the month I started a business. I'm selling on Amazon and eBay, and while I've sold on eBay off and on since Sunshine was a baby, I've never sold on Amazon. So there's a learning curve there, and I came in at just the wrong time- Amazon recently put restrictions on certain categories and you have to submit invoices from a wholesaler or other authorized dealer to show that you are a legitimate business or something. Even if you plan on doing retail arbitrage (buy cheap in the store, sell for more online) like I do. So that's a pain, especially since it seems very random as to when you do or don't get approved. Half the time it doesn't even seem like they're actually looking at your paperwork.

Resubmitting paperwork over and over has slowed things down.  And new sellers aren't allowed to ship items to an Amazon warehouse for Amazon to ship out (so you have to ship each item as it sells yourself) or sell toys until after Christmas. Having Amazon take care of fulfilling orders is so much easier than doing it all myself- I just don't have the time to pack and ship individual items (I've done that when selling on eBay and it's time consuming and a pain). If I'd gotten into this this summer I'd be sitting pretty, but as it is, I'm getting a much slower start. It's not the end of the world, but it is a little frustrating. A lot of the restrictions are to try to cut down on sales of counterfeits, which is understandable. It means more paperwork for me though.

I actually had a business selling on eBay when Sunshine was a baby, but I closed it when we moved to Colorado. Since then I've sold random items we didn't need, but I haven't been serious about it. We have some pretty ambitious financial goals both in the short term and the long term, and I decided it was time for me to do a bit more. Yes, I budget and try to be careful with our expenses, but I haven't earned money myself in years. Bringing in money will help us achieve our financial goals, so I'll juggle a super tight schedule and put in the late nights and somehow make it work by not stressing about things that aren't getting done.

Not that I'm going to stop running, because that's not optional, but as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I don't have any races planned until March, so that will ease some of the pressure a little. Just a little though, since I will be training for a half marathon in June. I found one that's being held on my 40th birthday, and the only thing better than running a half marathon on my 40th would be running a full marathon. That's not going to happen though, so I'm embracing the half marathon and the preparation needed for it and I'm going to run my fastest half marathon yet on the day I turn 40.

November's mileage:
3 treadmill workouts + 4 hikes + 3 races (2 mile road, 2 mile CC, Turkey Trot) = 25.27 miles total

October's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes + 3 races (virtual 5ktrail 5kHalloween 5k) = 35.85 miles total

September's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 4 hikes + 3 races (Labor Daycolortrail) = 42.31 miles total

August's mileage:
1 treadmill walk + 2 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (5k5k10k4 mile) = 26.10 miles total

July's mileage:
2 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 1 race (5k) = 13.72 miles total

June's mileage:
4 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 3 races (June 5k1 mile glow5k)= 21.46 miles total

May's mileage:
7 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 2 races (May 5kevening 5k) = 23.87 miles total

April's mileage:
6 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 1 outdoor run + 3 races (glow 5kApril 5k5k) = 27.17 miles total

March's mileage:
4 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (4k5k5k5k obstacle) = 25.7 miles total

February's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 2 races (5k + 4.8 mile mud) = 26.15 miles total

January's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 1 race (5k) = 16.17 miles

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