Monday, December 26, 2016

Weekly Mileage Recap

During the summer these trails were cool and shaded, with sunlight filtering dimly through the leaves.  Now the trails are hidden under the fallen leaves and bright sunshine casts unfamiliar shadows. It's a completely new experience.

We were still sick this past week, so not a lot of exercising went on.

Since we spent the week feeling crummy we didn't do a lot, which was nice. We stayed close to home and relaxed and recuperated.

One place we did go to was the UPS store to drop off my first three boxes of items going to Amazon. Prices on things should be stabilizing in the next week which will make it easier to know if a particular item will be profitable.

Thursday the weather was in the mid-50s and sunny, so even though we were still feeling under the weather we headed out for a short hike. We needed some fresh air!

It felt good to get out, but even just over one mile was enough to wipe us out. River actually took a nap when we got home, and he hasn't done that in awhile. Maybe if we went on hikes every morning he'd take a nap every afternoon.... too bad our schedule can't accommodate that.

Weekly Mileage
Thursday: 1.15 mile hike
        total mileage: 1.15 miles

We're finally on the uptick, so my mileage will be better this week. My last 5k of the year is this Saturday- we're doing a New Year's Eve glow run. When I was a teenager we did a New Year's Eve 5k every year that started at a quarter to midnight so the first finisher would be finishing around midnight. This race starts at 5:30, which will make it a lot easier for the kiddos to get a decent night's sleep :)

I don't usually care for pictures of myself, but I actually like this one. And isn't Ocean a cutie? 

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