Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Mileage Recap

this was from a picnic we did two weeks ago, before the weather got colder

We had weather in the 20s this past week, but no snow :( We did have a little ice Saturday morning, but it melted fairly quickly. And then it was in the 50s Sunday. Such weird weather.

I spent lots of time in front of the computer screen, watching training videos. I'm getting closer to being able to jump in with both feet. I'm really looking forward to finishing all the training videos and not spending so much time glued to the computer. Though I did get some good treadmill time in while watching training modules Monday and Wednesday.

We all got sick Wednesday afternoon and have been feeling crummy every since. It's just a head cold, but when everyone's sick at once it seems worse. On the bright side, at least we shouldn't be passing it around endlessly. The downside to feeling crummy was that we missed our hike Thursday morning and another treadmill workout Saturday. I was thinking I'd have really good mileage for the week, but that didn't happen. Guess I shouldn't count my miles before I actually do them.

Today's the day that I can send my first shipment into Amazon for FBA! They restricted all new sellers from sending items in between October and December 19, so while I was waiting I've been collecting things here and there. I've got a bunch of items ready to go, I just need to box it up and ship it out. I'm really curious to see how this goes.

Weekly Mileage
Monday- 3.17 mile treadmill walk
Wednesday- 4.02 mile treadmill walk with hills
      total mileage: 7.19 miles

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