Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mr M's Favorite Christmas Present

After living in our house almost 5 years now and paying someone to plow us out every time we get any amount of snow, we decided to do something about it: we used our Christmas money to buy a plow for our lawn tractor. It's not the biggest and best one out there, but it fit our budget and does a pretty good job.

The initial install was a massive pain as the instructions weren't very clear and the only youtube videos Mr M could find involved redneck plow installs, not actual installs of the type of plow we have. Despite our years of experience with snow we didn't really think we needed snow chains, so we didn't buy them when we bought the plow. This was a mistake since of course you need chains to get any traction when going up and down hills, and our driveway and road definitely have hills.

So after spending a day and a half in the cold during our first snowstorm installing the plow, Mr M couldn't actually use it, much to his disgust. Once most of the snow melted, he was able to bring it out and do a couple runs up and down the driveway.

After that fiasco we ordered chains and Mr M put them on so the tractor would be ready to go.

Less than a week later we got more snow- 4  or 5 inches, at least- and Mr M got to finally use the lawn tractor to plow our driveway.  It worked great and the kiddos enjoyed the ride. Mr M goes very slowly to keep everyone safe.

The circle is wide enough to require multiple passes, but it only takes one up and one down to clear the driveway and the road.

It didn't take too long for Mr M to plow our driveway, the road, and the neighbor's driveways and it didn't cost us anything other than a little bit of gas. And just in time since our usual plow guy is out of commission with a recent heart surgery so we would have had to find someone else {more expensive, I'm sure} to do the plowing. It's nice to be more self-sufficient and not have to rely on others to get us out of our driveway and road.

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