Monday, January 25, 2016


Sunshine tried to sled down our driveway ahead of me on my skis, but wasn't successful

I'm still fighting a cold and just didn't feel up to doing more, so last week I only hit the treadmill twice.

We got hit by the nor'easter and had about 18" of snow fall between Friday and Saturday (yay!). Saturday I shoveled snow, which is a workout in itself. I was happy it was powder, which is infinitely easier to shovel than wet snow. Still hard, but not nearly as heavy.

I also dusted off my cross country skis and skied from our house to the mailboxes and back, about .4 miles altogether. It's the first time in 15 years that I've cross country skied, and wow, could I tell. I am so out of shape. I'd forgotten just how hard it is to break through deep powder on an ungroomed trail. Doing it up hills is even more difficult, and our road has several hills. I definitely used some muscles that haven't been used in a long time.

Of course, not properly waxing my skis didn't help matters. The wax wasn't acting quite like I remembered it, so I didn't fuss with it too long and skimped on the wax. I'm not sure that having the wax sit in outdoor storage and undergo extreme weather changes was good for it. I'll have to buy new wax and see how it behaves. If it acts the same then it's just me, not remembering how ski wax acts.

Snowshoes would have done better in the deep powder, but we don't have any snowshoes- we'll have to get some eventually. It's hard to make it a priority when we get good snowfalls so infrequently.

Sunshine was disappointed that the powder wasn't great for snow fort building, but the temperatures have risen and the snow is melting and compacting a bit and is much better for sledding, snowmen, and snow forts.

Saturday afternoon, looking at the road that our little road empties out on to
look at all that snow!

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