Friday, February 19, 2016

Potty Training, Week 3

River running around in pajama shorts- no diaper necessary

These potty training posts are primarily for my benefit since we'll be going through this process again in the not-too-distant future with Ocean. I like having a written reminder of what we tried and what worked or didn't work. 

Potty training continues to be successful over all. There are accidents, naturally, but River is very good about running to the potty when he needs to go. As I suspected, being out and about is a bit trickier. We were at a ward activity Friday evening when River announced he needed to go. I picked him up and ran, and while we didn't quite make it in time, most of the pee did make it into the toilet. Luckily I had spare clothes in my bag, so it wasn't a complete disaster.

We've continued to keep him in underwear at night, with good success. This has been a surprise since night time potty training doesn't always happen this early. We do help things along by taking him potty before we go to bed, which we also did with Sunshine when she was younger.

I mentioned earlier that we've all been sick again, and I was concerned about it causing more accidents, but that hasn't been the case. Though in all honesty that's probably because he's been a bit dehydrated. It can be a challenge to keep kiddos hydrated when they're not feeling well.

This weekend I'm planning on making reinforced trainers like I found here for when we're out and about. They're reinforced with absorbent fabric and PUL to contain accidents better than plain underwear would. We'd still need to change him right away, but hopefully we'd only need to change his underwear instead of his pants, socks, and shoes also. And we wouldn't be resorting to diapers, which I don't know if he'd even let us put one on him at this point. He likes being able to run to the potty.

He hasn't worn a diaper since we stopped diapering him at night about a week ago. We haven't attempted church without a diaper yet since we were all sick in bed this past weekend. We'll have our chance this Sunday and we'll see how that goes. The nursery has a miniature toilet in the attached bathroom, which should make it easier for him to use and we'll stop in and remind him to go every so often. I'll be bringing extra clothes and ziplock bags just in case.

I will say that potty training a little boy is definitely different from potty training a little girl in one major respect. I never had to worry overly much about Sunshine's position on the potty, but that is definitely not the case with River. He has to sit just so, make sure his shirt isn't tucked between his legs, and keep his legs together as much as possible. When he doesn't, there's a mess to clean up. It keeps me on my toes- I can't get complacent with the process :)

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