Thursday, October 8, 2015

The LEGO Habitat is Finally Painted

You can find my first basement progress post here, and the second here.

About two years ago I built a LEGO habitat to corral Sunshine's LEGOs in the living room. It worked well, until I rearranged the couches in the living room. I'd been feeling the table was just too large, I didn't want the LEGOs upstairs, and I wanted to move the couches around. We moved the table downstairs, moved the couches around, and I brought in the tufted bench that's moved around the house.            

the LEGO table's place of honor when I first built it

where it's lived for the last year

I've been gradually painting all those projects I built when I was pregnant with River. (sofa table, dining table and benches, homeschool cupboard) I think this is the last unpainted piece. I left it till last since it's in the basement and not nearly as visible as the other pieces I built.

We're still on a tight budget, so I wanted to use paint we had rather than buying new paint. I also wanted to use chalk paint, which narrowed my options to three: the country gray I used on the shredder cover, the napoleon blue I used on the sofa table, or the old violet I used on the sideboard in our room. The country gray is more brown than gray and there's already a lot of brown in the basement, so that was out. I just painted the tufted bench in our bedroom with old violet and while I like it, the color really changes depending on the lighting, so I didn't think it would do well in the basement. Given the color of the basement walls (a rather bright turquoise) I wasn't sure if the napoleon blue would work, but I figured it would be the best fit.

First I painted a corner of the table to see how I liked it, but I didn't take a picture of that.

A week or so later after I'd finished some other projects I filled the nail holes and sanded them, but I didn't take a picture of that either.

I did take a picture after I stained most of the table. I didn't bother staining the surfaces that wouldn't see much wear.

Another week passed before I got around to painting the table. Two weeks after that I finally gave the table a light sanding, then rubbed dark wax over the paint.

I really do like this shade of blue- it's so pretty. We have a lot of tan in the basement- the floor, carpet, couch, and curtains are varying shades of brown, so the blue is a nice pop of color in the sea of tan. And it doesn't clash with the walls, so I'm happy.

I'm so glad I can finally cross this off my to-do list. It finally looks polished and finished. This project coincides with my efforts to complete other projects in the basement (artwork, curtains) and I have a couple more posts about the basement planned, but I need to finish up some things first.

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