Monday, October 5, 2015

The Corn Maze 5k Non-Report

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I had planned on running the corn maze 5k that I mentioned last week, but it got postponed a few weeks because of all the rain we've gotten this week. So I hit the treadmill instead - I wanted to run outside, but it rained most of the day and I just wasn't feeling like getting soaked.

Last week I ran and walked 7.31 miles between my time on the treadmill and the 5k I ran. This past week I ran and walked 5.63 miles on the treadmill. The main issue I had was that I ended up on the treadmill Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. By Saturday my muscles were definitely feeling fatigued, so this week I will try to space out my workouts a bit better.

Oh, and I managed to get poison ivy on my right ankle at the race last week. I'm quite disgusted since I managed to go all spring and summer without getting it, even with all my work on the treehouse (which has poison ivy growing near it). I didn't see the poison ivy during the race, but it sure saw me. I've managed to keep it from spreading too much though and it's almost out of the itchy stage.

I've hit my postpartum food issue point. It happened with River and it's happening again. At least I expected it this time around, though that doesn't make it any more welcome. Now it's time to figure out what my body can tolerate while still giving me enough energy to breastfeed Ocean, walk/run on a regular basis, keep up with all the usual mommy tasks that go along with having three kiddos, sew elaborate Halloween costumes (they're turning out great and I can't wait to share them!), and finish up random projects around the house. I was able to do those things and more while pregnant, so not being able to do fewer things while not pregnant can be discouraging at times.

Energy levels are huge for me- not having energy takes me back to the years I spent barely scraping through each day, doing just the minimum that needed to get done. That's not somewhere I want to go back to, and it's difficult trying to balance everything when I'm not feeling well. I know everything will balance out eventually and I'll figure out what foods work for me now, but it's frustrating in the meantime.

I remember reading some time ago that pregnancy changes/turns off your autoimmune system- hence the reason life is easier in the food department for me when I'm pregnant. My over-active autoimmune system calms down and I can almost be normal. Not that I'm stupid enough to eat gluten or anything, but I do tolerate more starches than when I'm not pregnant and I feel better in general. My sister was in a study that involved tricking the body into thinking it's pregnant to see if it helped with her MS symptoms - I believe it did help her, but the study ended and she wasn't able to continue with the meds.

I will admit that I enjoy the hiatus in food issues (or at least the lessening of them) that occurs while I'm pregnant and for the first two months or so after giving birth. I don't think staying pregnant for the rest of my life is a good way (or a practical one) to manage my food issues though :)

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