Monday, October 12, 2015

Have You Heard of the Hill Valley Half Marathon?

Last week's mileage: 5.84 miles, which is slightly more than the week before. I did three days on the treadmill, and they were three in a row again. This week it was Wed-Thurs-Fri since we had a super busy Saturday planned and I knew I wouldn't have time to hit the treadmill that day.

This week I'm running the Hill Valley Half Marathon, which is a virtual race. Virtual races are races where you run the distance on your own time, then report your time. This particular virtual race also allows you to take as many days as you need to accumulate the mileage, as long as you finish by Oct 31. You can link a fitness watch to automatically report your mileage or you can manually enter the info. As your mileage is reported, you are sent emails with various locations from the movies. For example, the race starts at Marty's house and the 5k marker is at Doc's house. Pretty fun!

This race commemorates the day that Doc and Marty visit in Back to the Future: October 21, 2015.

I thought it was a fun idea, and definitely the only way I'm doing a half marathon less than three months after giving birth :) You don't get a t-shirt, but you do get a finisher's medal, and the entry fee is much more affordable than most half marathons.

My goal is to run and walk 13.1 miles over four days this week. It's increasing my daily and weekly mileage much quicker than I should or normally would, so I'll be paying attention to how everything's feeling and doing more walking than running if necessary. And next week I'll let my mileage drop down again to let my body rest.

If you want to join me in running this race, there's still time: you can register here by October 21.

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