Thursday, October 22, 2015

3 Months

Little Ocean isn't quite as little as he once was. He's growing so big and strong. He can hold his head up now with just a tiny bit of wobble and his chubby little legs are growing stronger. He really is chubby- I don't remember Sunshine or River having quite so many rolls :)

happy baby

Ocean is much more alert and interested in what's going on around him. His next hearing test isn't until next month, but he still shows evidence of being able to hear at least some of what's going on around him, so that's reassuring.

hanging out with mommy

Ocean is starting to have a more predictable rhythm with his napping and eating and such, which makes life easier. He sleeps in the co-sleeper next to our bed but we're just about ready to start having him nap in the crib in Sunshine's room. We'll have him get used to sleeping there during the day and then eventually move him in there at night as well.


He's started babbling and can be quite vocal when he's in the right mood (i.e., fed, dry, and well rested). He's discovering all that his mouth can do- it can make babbling noises and blow raspberries and spit bubbles. He sometimes has so many spit bubbles that it looks like he's frothing at the mouth. I don't remember the other kiddos blowing raspberries this young, and it keeps throwing us off- we think one of them did it rather than Ocean.

fuzz with the longer fringe at the nape of his neck

Ocean has lost most of his baby hair except for a fringe at the nape of his neck and a long tuft in front. He has new fuzz growing in, but it's lighter than before and lighter than River's, who always had dark hair. Sunshine had light hair as well, which contributed to her looking bald for her first year and a half.

longer tuft in front- Sunshine and River both had one as well, though Sunshine's consisted of 8 hairs and River's was thicker than Ocean's 

His eyes are starting to change, but not enough yet to know which color they'll settle on. Brown or hazel are the most likely options.

River really wanted to hold Ocean, who was tired and not thrilled with the idea at all

He did not appreciate spending the weekend in his carseat, so I'm a bit concerned about our road trip in December, which will be a lot longer but still in a short time frame (3, 4 days max from start to finish). Hopefully he'll be happy and cute while we're with family and the full-on crankies won't kick in until we're on the way home.

Ocean still uses the pacifier, but he still doesn't love it and won't take it all the time. He's started finding and sucking his fingers more frequently. As much as I don't want him sucking his thumb, it's way better than sucking his fingers. Among other things, it's way worse for his teeth. So anytime we catch him sucking his fingers we redirect him to his thumb. Though all my efforts to keep River from sucking his thumb didn't work, so we'll see how successful we are this time around.

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