Wednesday, March 25, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Performances

I mentioned at the end of my post on Monday that Wednesday was a rest day because my glute was bothering me after standing and carrying River for hours. This is why.

Sunshine takes classes at an Irish music school, so naturally St. Patrick's Day is celebrated. Because she's in the kids group that sometimes plays with the adult group, she got to play at a couple restaurants that night as part of their Irish music lineup.

We parked near the second venue and walked several blocks to the first venue. I strapped River into the Boba and carried him around all evening. I carried him on my front because it's easier to feed him, but his baby brother wasn't too happy about having his older brother squished against him. I really need to move him to my back, but having him pull my hair has (and still does) held me back. Sunshine used to pull my hair when she was on my back, and my hair was a lot shorter then.

The first venue was an Italian restaurant with a tiny space for performers. Not sure why the Italian restaurant wanted Irish music, but I'm guessing they were capitalizing on all the drinking that goes on on St. Patrick's Day. I was able to sit for part of the time, but could already feel my glute hurting.

Crappy indoor picture of the tiny space. The guitar player closest to me was standing in the doorway.

After the performance, we walked several blocks to the second venue. It's a small place as well, but they had space for the performers out in the courtyard, so we were outside. This meant I stood the whole time, while carrying River. I was in a lot of pain by the time Sunshine was done. Once I've aggravated the nerve, things seem to go downhill fairly quickly. Luckily we were parked right across the street and didn't have a lot more walking to do.

the preferred spacing between musicians- much better than before

Sunshine only knows a few of the songs that the adult group does, but she played the ones she knew and tried to follow along on a couple of the others. It's fun to see her play in a group and get that group experience- it's very different than playing by yourself.

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