Monday, March 16, 2015

March 5k Recap

Saturday I ran my March 5k. It was warmer than the February 5k, but the temps were still only mid to high 40's. A bit chilly starting out, so I left my long sleeve shirt on and I never got too hot. The course was run on some of the same roads as the February 5k, but in a different order and direction in some cases. Both courses had long hills in them and I ended up walking about a quarter mile total during the second mile and another quarter mile total during the third mile.

Overall, I felt rather blah. My intestines weren't happy that morning (I blame Easter candy- peanut butter M&M eggs, while yummy, apparently do not agree with me), so that might have sapped my energy. I'm not sure exactly, but I know I didn't feel energetic and it showed as I ran. All I could think of while I ran was "I really hope I feel better when I do the half marathon in three weeks".

So I did end up walking some of the race as I mentioned above, but I kept it to the uphills and kept going and finished the race. It wasn't quite as fast as I'd hoped, but definitely not the slowest I've ever run a 5k, so I really can't complain too much.

I ran 3.09 miles in 35:32 min, which comes to an 11:30 min/mile pace.
mile 1: 10:46 min.
mile 2: 12:08 min.
mile 3: 11:55 min.


The results from the February 5k were finally posted, and there were only 67 finishers. Unfortunately they didn't list ages, but I'm pretty sure I won my age group since there were only 3 or 4 women older than 25 and the others were all older than me :)  This race only had 111 finishers and they didn't list ages either. There was a more even age spread, but it still skewed heavily towards college age runners, so I might still have placed in my age group :)


I had my 22 week checkup and my ultrasound last week. The little guy is looking good, though the placenta is in the front again (we actually found this out at 18 weeks when the OB had a hard time finding the heartbeat). This was the case with River, also, and for the most part it's not too problematic. The main issues are that it makes it harder to find the heartbeat with the doppler thingy and it's harder to feel the baby kick. A secondary issue that's not a problem until delivery is that the baby could try to come out face up instead of face down. River was face up but they had me switch positions to encourage him to roll over, which he did before it was time to push and he came out without any problems.

The OB was not able to offer any helpful solutions for the glute pain, other than to be patient. Soon enough something else will be hurting :) Not sure if my chiropractor will be any more helpful...


Resting Mondays when I had a hard workout on Saturday really seems to work for me. I feel less exhausted, less stressed out by the exhaustion, and better able to handle things. This is a case of avoiding too much of a good thing. Running is stress-relieving, but while pregnant it is also physically draining, which in turn ratchets up my stress levels.

Tuesday and Wednesday my glute was bothering me, but for some reason Thursday it didn't hurt much at all. Until that evening when I ended up holding River on my hip during most of Cub Scouts. It didn't take too long for it to start hurting again and Friday it was quite unhappy. With the race planned for Saturday morning I decided to take the day off rather than aggravate it worse.

Monday- rested
Tuesday- treadmill walk
Wednesday- treadmill run
Thursday- treadmill walk
Friday- rest
Saturday- March 5k

Total mileage: 7.62 miles.  Another low mileage week, but hopefully it won't be a problem come half marathon time.


2015 races
March 5k        35:32          22 weeks pregnant
February 5k  33:55          20 weeks pregnant
January 5k    33:25          12 weeks pregnant

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