Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funny

Look at the smile on River's face!

Our neighbors are selling their house (boo!) and asked for Sunshine's help with their dogs. They both work, and were afraid they wouldn't always be able to get home and move one dog to a crate on the screened-in porch and bring the other prone-to-barking-at-strangers dog to our house for a showing. So Sunshine, who likes their dogs, was enlisted to help. We only ended up needing to help on one occasion (they went under contract the first weekend!), but River sure enjoyed having the dog over. Luckily the dog is older and doesn't have tons of energy and is used to small children (the neighbors have a 4 and 2 year old), and was very long-suffering with River.

River isn't so sure about large dogs that are taller than him, but he likes small dogs and thought it was lots of fun "leading" the dog on a leash.

And it's very encouraging that they went under contract so quickly. If we need to sell our house, hopefully we'll have a similar experience.

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