Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Funny

who needs toys when there's cups and food containers to play with?

I've mentioned that River likes hiding from me.

He's expanding his repertoire. He'll hide behind anything he can find: behind chairs, behind beds, behind doors, in closets. Since he does this with a great big smile and lots of giggles it's super easy to find him, which always elicits more giggles.

His nightly routine is to run into his room and hide between the bed and the wall. Since I'm right behind him, I watch him do this and he knows I'm watching him, which makes him run faster. He's now tall enough that I can see the top of his head when he's standing on the other side of the bed and he'll peek over the mattress at me, which brings on more giggles.

He also thinks peek-a-boo is hilarious. He covers his face with a towel or playsilk and giggles while we ask where he is. Then he uncovers his face with a great big smile and giggles some more. He re-covers his face and we repeat the process.

Like most small kiddos, River has such a cute, infectious laugh that is so fun to hear.

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