Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby Blessing

I wrote about River's baby blessing almost two years ago and now it's time to write about Ocean's blessing.

We scheduled it for Labor Day weekend to make travel arrangements a bit easier for those coming long distances.

After trying to get some good photos of Ocean in his outfit, this was the best I managed

because this happened.

He wasn't thrilled with mommy. Though I did think that the pointing finger and slightly accusatory expression were funny.

Later that day I caught him looking solemn and serious

and then he got a little worried.

The onesie is from the GapKids site (on sale, with a coupon) and I made the pants and the little bow tie. We could have used River's outfit, but I wanted them to have their own outfits that they can keep and use for their own kids if they choose.

I pulled out the big camera for the group pictures, but had people who were unfamiliar with it take the pictures so the results aren't as in-focus as they could be. Should have just stuck with the camera phone.
My parents, two of my sisters, and our little family

Mr M's parents, one of his brothers, and us

And now we're a family of 5!

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