Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Month Old

Ocean has turned into a chubby little baby. He's definitely a good eater- he weighed 11 pounds at his 1 month checkup, which is 2 pounds 12 ounces more than his birth weight. He's gone from the 33rd percentile at birth to the 56th percentile at 2 weeks to the 78th percentile at 1 month for his weight. His height is still in the 55th percentile or so and his head is in the 93rd percentile. Smaller than Sunshine's big head, but bigger than River's was.

snuggling with sister

He gulps air while nursing which causes bubbles in his tummy. I have to burp him at least once during each session or he gets too uncomfortable. His burps are quite impressive- multiple loud longish belches. They make stealth nursing impossible :)

He frequently gets the hiccups, which upsets him. He frequently got the hiccups before he was born, so I'm not surprised that he still gets them.

snuggling with daddy

He's a smiley baby- the pediatrician caught one of his smiles while doing his one month checkup and she commented on it being a bit early for social smiles. His smiles are too frequent to all be gassy smiles though.

Ocean has a receding hairline and his hair is thinning :(  I think River lost some of his hair, but it started growing back in before he went bald. I'm really hoping that's the case for Ocean as well.

He's already working at holding his head up and is gaining more control of the wobbles. I carry him in the Boba carrier, and I think that helps strengthen his neck muscles.

He's not sure if he likes the pacifier, but he will suck on it when trying to get to sleep. He's found his fingers and thumbs a couple times, but hasn't figured out how to do it on a regular basis, hence the pacifier. We're thinking he'll probably stick with the pacifier, unlike River. Even at this age River was expressing his dislike for the pacifier and trying to suck his thumb every chance he could.

a rare thumb sucking instance, and I don't think he's flipping us off- wrong finger :)

Ocean sleeps long periods at night- he only wakes up to eat once or twice after I go to bed. So I'm not as sleep-deprived as I could be, though I'd like to get to bed earlier- he likes to stay up and get one last feeding in before settling down to sleep.

funny poses

He still thinks he should be held all the time. He'll tolerate the bouncy chair for short periods of time, but he would much rather snuggle with mommy. I'm enjoying the snuggle time, but it does make it harder to get stuff done around the house like meal prep, cleaning, projects, etc.

snuggling with mommy

He continues to sleep a lot during the day, which came in handy when I was driving Sunshine to her day camps. As long as he was sleeping, he didn't mind being in his car seat, but once he woke up, he complained about it. If we're home and I lay him down while he's sleeping he'll only sleep for a short period before waking up when he realizes he's not being held.

He's still a pretty calm baby and only fusses if he's hungry, has a bubble in his tummy, or wants to be held, so the fussing never lasts long. Sunshine was a much fussier baby (stomach issues because I wasn't gluten free yet), but River was also a pretty calm baby.

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