Monday, September 28, 2015

September Race Recap

Saturday morning's sky

I had hoped to hit the treadmill three times last week, but only managed two times. Add in a 5k on Saturday, and I still managed to run three times last week, so I'm happy.

Ocean still isn't cooperating with the early to bed, early to rise plan, so I'm squeezing in my treadmill time after breakfast or lunch.

After breakfast: Sunshine does her schoolwork, River plays, Ocean naps, and I commune with the treadmill.
Ocean moved his arm in front of his face just as I took this picture. 
Turns out he wasn't really napping.

After lunch: Sunshine reads, River naps, Ocean naps, and I commune with the treadmill. This is actually the preferred arrangement since River isn't trying to get too close to the treadmill, but I have to make sure I have energy to spend time on the treadmill.

There's a real nap...

Both times I walked to warm up, ran for a bit, then walked to cool down. Running on the treadmill after running outside a couple times reminded me that running outside is so much easier than on the treadmill. I find it requires less effort physically and mentally so I'm able to run longer distances before having to stop and walk. It makes me appreciate my outdoor runs so much more.

Speaking of outdoor running, Saturday I ran my September 5k. It was billed as an all terrain race, which translated to a mix of golf cart paths, gravel paths, short stretches of grass, and single and double track trails. It rained most of the day before and drizzled during the race, so it could have legitimately claimed to be a mud race as well :) Through some careful footwork on my part I managed not to get too muddy, but others weren't as lucky.

The first two miles were fairly level, but there was a pretty nasty hill in the third mile that really slowed me down. I managed to run the first mile and a half, but walked/ran the rest of the race. I didn't care too much for the finish, which had us going down hill a short distance just to go up hill into the finish line. The one saving grace was that it was a short up hill, but since I was quite tired by then I totally got passed by a 12 year old girl (it was a school fundraiser, so there were lots of kids who participated).

I didn't run hard during last month's 4 miler, since I was still easing into everything. While I'm still building up my training base and getting back into shape, I did run hard during this race. It was tough, but it gave me a good idea of where I'm at and what I need to focus on: mileage, endurance, and hill work. Once my mileage and endurance have improved I'lll add some speed work, but that's not a priority right now.

The distance was 3.11 miles and I ran it in 37:36. Not my best time, but not my worst either. At just under 10 weeks postpartum and not yet back in shape, I'm pretty happy.
1st mile: 10:51
2nd mile: 11:19
3rd mile: 14:19
The races I've run in 2015:

Race Time

September 5k
almost 10 weeks postpartum

almost 6 weeks postpartum
July 5k           

38 weeks pregnant
June 5k          

34 weeks pregnant
May 5k           

29 weeks pregnant
pushed River in the jogger
April 5k         

28 weeks pregnant
pushed River in the jogger
March 5k       

22 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant
January 5k     

12 weeks pregnant

And the progress towards achieving my 40 by 40 goal:

Event Type
4th of July 5k
4 Mile Fun Run
4 miles
Road Race
All Terrain
Mixed surface

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