Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Progress on goals, plus a couple new ones

While we were in Hawaii I was able to make a lot of progress on my book. I was able to think out my story line a lot further than I previously had been able to, and figure out a lot of background details. I have a lot of typing to do now, but it probably won't happen till after Christmas.

Since getting home I've been busy practicing my flute every day. I'm supposed to do a number with the ward choir this Sunday for the Christmas cantata.

I need to make a cover for Little Miss Sunshine's car seat. I got the pink and black one because it was girly, which I like, but the pink gets dirty so easy, which I don't like. I made a cover for her old car seat (which was blah brown) out of fabric that I LOVE. Unfortunately, I can't find more of it anywhere (and I have looked). I looked in Hawaii, and I've been searching online using every key word I can think of, but no luck. I found a scrap leftover from the original project, but it doesn't have a manufacturer's name on the edge. I bought the fabric on ebay, but there's no more available. I did find some fleece in a similar pattern and color, so I'll probably end up using that. I liked the other fabric because it was a canvas-weight, and a nice dark color, so it wouldn't show dirt very well, and it could stand up to some abuse.

After Christmas I need to get caught up on our scrapbooks, and I need to organize the storage area in the basement to make room for my food storage (though at this point, I'm not sure if I should bother- my Army Guy should be home in just a couple more months).

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