Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More things we did in Hawaii

While we were in Hawaii, my Army Guy and I got to go on a date- our first one in 10 months! We went to dinner, and then watched Twilight. We both enjoyed all the books and were anxious to see how the movie turned out. I was rather apprehensive going into it (the girl who plays Bella always looks like she's about to whine about something and the movie posters all look goofy- like they're trying too hard), but overall I thought they did a good job. I've watched quite a few movies based on books, and some are pretty good (The Princess Bride, the Harry Potter movies), and some are pretty awful (Eragon). I know it's difficult to condense everything in the book into a movie, so I expect stuff to get cut out. When characters are changed completely though (like in Eragon), I have issues. While stuff did get cut out of Twilight, I thought they did a decent job of it. Jasper kind of bugged me though. He's supposed to be in pain, but he came off as freaky. And though Bella looked kind of petulant, there wasn't any whining, so I was happy. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to seeing it again. And the next book is also going to be made into a movie: hopefully they do a good job on that one as well.

We also went snorkeling, which I enjoyed, but I did manage to get a bit seasick. If I do it again, I want to have prescription goggles so I can see everything better. I'm just a bit too blind without my glasses. I'm pretty sure I saw several fish that are in 'Finding Nemo', as well as lots of others. I just missed seeing a turtle on several occasions, but my Army Guy saw it. No photos because I forgot to buy an disposable underwater camera. It would have come in very handy if I'd remembered to buy one.

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