Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catching up...

We've had a busy few days. Christmas morning was spent at my parents', the afternoon at my in-laws'. I took lots and lots of pictures of Little Miss Sunshine opening her presents (for her daddy), which she didn't really appreciate. Consequently, I only have two pictures of her smiling, the rest she's not looking at me, or she's scowling. In one of the pictures, she has a great big smile on her face, but she's also got a finger up her nose. To post it or not to post it..... I guess I'm not that mean. You can tell from her expression that she thinks she's being hilarious. So we're left with this picture, of her with one of the dolls she received.
She's really enjoying carting it around like a baby, feeding it, giving it a pacifier, laying it down for a nap, etc. She got lots of toys and is having lots of fun with them.

Yesterday we hit a couple after Christmas sales, but only bought a few things, then showed my in-laws how to play Settlers of Catan: Knights and Cities. We've played Settlers of Catan with them before, and my MIL received Knights and Cities (from us!) for Christmas, but while my Army Guy and I have played it, the rest of the family hasn't. My Army Guy would have been much better at teaching them, but since he's not here, it was up to me. We muddled through ok, I think.

My sister and her family arrived late last night, and our daughters are having a blast playing together. They're only a few months apart in age, and are best buds. They're so cute together. We all started working on our gingerbread houses, but lost track of time and had to get the kids to bed before they could decorate them, so we'll be finishing them tomorrow after church.

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