Saturday, December 27, 2008

Updated goal list/Progress on my goals

Now that the holiday season is just about over, I need to evaluate where I am on my goals, and decide on more to add to the list.

Current goals
*Haven't been eating as well as I should be, need to be more careful, eat less junk food and not buy chocolate when I go to the store (my big weakness). Need to make sure I'm running or walking M, W, and S, whether it's inside or out. Need to ride my bike T, TH. I got clips and shoes for my bike for Christmas, so I can be more efficient when riding my bike. I need to swim and lift weights on F (haven't been swimming for a couple months now), and need to be doing my pilates videos at least 3 times a week.
*Making steady progress on the outline and background of my book, need some quiet time to spend typing it all up.
*Continuing to pay down more debt every month
*Have not been listening to the audio files I have in Japanese, though I did at least download them to my computer and ipod. Need to concentrate on them, though, so not something I can listen to while doing something else. No multi-tasking allowed on this one.
*I've been practicing my flute since returning from Hawaii, but need to add in the oboe and piano. Practicing right after LMS goes to bed seems to work well. I thought the noise would bother her, but she likes it.
*I've typed an index of the books in the house, but now need to start bringing boxes of books in from storage, one at a time

Ongoing goals
*I'm doing good on most of them, except flossing and reading the Relief Society lesson every week. Need to work on those, as well as using my time more efficiently.

New goals
*Run at least one race a month this year.
*Complete at least 2 or 3 triathlons this year (sprint distance)
*Make cover for LMS's car seat
*Get caught up on our scrapbooks by the end of January (middle of Feb at the latest...) actually on my future goals list, moving to my current list

I know there's more things I want to work on, but I can't think of them right off, so I'll have to add them as I remember them.

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