Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekly Mileage

trying to get a decent pic of the kiddos

better, but not sure what's up with Ocean's stick

Last week I was finally feeling a lot better so I was able to log a few more miles than I've recently managed. By Saturday morning I only had a small amount of crud left in my lungs, though I did wake up that morning with a bit of a sore throat.

In fact, the kids and I finally went on our first hike of the year! Though at 70* it was an awfully warm day for the middle of February: the kids were in shorts and t-shirts, and Sunshine still complained about being too hot :)

It wasn't a long hike, but we did find some very interesting bones and a variety of furry poops (you're welcome for not including pics of those) that we inspected.

we identified a partial jawbone and some vertebrae, but we weren't sure of the rest

That afternoon was also the one evening that worked for C and I to go for a run, so I got two workouts in one day. I was able to run more than I did the week before, but there was still a lot of walking. It felt good to do some hills and push myself.

I was pretty tired on Friday (just like the week before), but I was expecting it, just as I did then, and I took it easy.

sporting their new backpacks from Grandma L

Saturday morning we went running again, on a hillier route than we did Thursday. It was a tough run, but it felt good.

Unfortunately, later that day my throat started hurting a lot worse and I was running a temperature. I felt awful Sunday (fever and sore throat), so I went to the doctor this morning. I'd looked at my tonsils Sunday night and seen the worst white patches I've ever seen, so I was fairly sure I had strep. The doctor didn't even bother swabbing for a culture, he took one look and confirmed my suspicion. Textbook case of strep.

lagging behind in his pursuit of the perfect stick

Mr M had a sore throat and fever too, so he and I are now on antibiotics. I am really hoping this is the last round of illness for a long time. We're so tired of feeling crummy and not having the energy to get everything done. And it's super frustrating to get sick again just as I was finally kicking the flu.

I love Ocean's expression here: Are you coming, Mama?

Weekly Mileage
Thurs- 1.27 miles hiked
Thurs- 3.87 miles walked and run
Sat- 4.05 miles walked and run
    total miles- 9.19 miles

1 hike towards #52hikechallenge
35.13 foot miles towards #365milechallenge
25.00 bike miles towards #365milechallenge

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Funny

A park we visited recently had a pretty tall slide. River thought it was great, so Ocean had to try it too. But he got a little freaked out once he actually started down the slide. Note the wide spread legs trying to slow his descent. He had fun, but it was the "this is scary" fun. Such a brave kiddo!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Mileage

I didn't end up spending time on the treadmill last week, though I did go for a run with C. Well, it was mostly walking, but we did run about 3/4 of a mile, which is way more than I've done in the last three and a half weeks. I could tell I was out of shape and low on energy, but it felt good to get outside and move. Slightly warmer temps kept my lungs from spazzing out too badly while we were out.

My lungs have been feeling a bit better since the run, which I credit to forcing fresh air into my lungs.  I'm still fighting the lingering crud in my lungs, but it's probably not going anywhere any time soon (pessimistic, but most likely realistic. hazard of not having a great immune system). I was very tired the day after our run, but that's to be expected after the amount of energy I expended the day before.

Our 10 mile training plan called for us to run a 5k on Saturday, but that didn't happen. We'll run a 5k in a couple weeks, and possibly a 10k the following week. Well, C will run it, but I haven't committed yet. I need to see how I feel this week. I suspect I'll opt for the 5k option and just focus on building my energy and endurance back up rather than trying to do too much too fast.

Weekly Mileage
Thurs- 3.33 miles run and walked
    total miles- 3.33 miles

0 hikes towards #52hikechallenge
25.94 foot miles towards #365milechallenge
25.00 bike miles towards #365milechallenge

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Funny

Meet Super Lion Spiderman!

love all the details: the backward lion mane, the cape, the jacket, the shorts and rain boots, and the lion tail tied around his waist.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekly Mileage + First Sap of the Season

Last week I almost didn't log any miles. 

Monday I was feeling pretty awful, and ready to go to the doctor to get my lungs checked out. Tuesday morning I woke up feeling a lot better, so I didn't end up going to the doctor. As the week progressed I continued to feel better, though I have some lingering crud in my lungs that is a bit problematic and I still get tired more easily than I'd like. As my energy levels improved, I wanted to get outside for a walk, but anytime I spent time outside, the cold aggravated my lungs and I'd start coughing.

Despite that, I did manage to get out and tap our maples and walnuts finally (I should have done so several weeks ago), and logged .58 miles in the process.

Did you know there's Facebook groups for just about anything you can think of? I recently joined one for maple sugaring and all the tappers using tubing have me seriously thinking of switching. We're not planning on staying here long term though, so I don't know that we'd get a good return on our investment. The distribution of our maples and black walnuts isn't optimal for running sap lines (too far apart and on slopes in different directions), but it would cut down on some of the bucket hauling, which Sunshine would really appreciate, since it's her job to collect the sap :)

This winter is proving much more conducive to the sap flowing than last year, and we've already collected more than we did in 2015 or 2017, and I have no doubt we'll easily pass 2016's haul. We collected about ~ 5.5 gallons in 2017, ~ 10.5 gallons in 2016, and ~ 6 gallons in 2015.

I actually had planned to take the kids on a hike Thursday, but Ocean puked all over himself in the car. We were driving by a park right as he did so, so I pulled into the parking lot and let Sunshine and River play on the playground while I got Ocean cleaned up. We played at the park for a bit while the car aired out, then headed home so I could finish cleaning everything up. None of us were feeling very motivated to go for a hike after being around the smell of vomit (ick!). He's fine and didn't have any problems later, so I think he was just car sick.

Sunday morning we got some more snow, though it wasn't much. As the day went on, the snow turned to sleet, and then to rain. In some areas there was enough rain to melt all the snow, though that wasn't the case at our house. We ended up with a slushy, icy mess at the end of the day that then froze overnight and coated everything in ice. But it started melting as soon as the sun came out, so I suspect it won't hang around too much longer.

This week I'm planning on spending some time on the treadmill and bike and seeing how my legs are feeling. Hopefully it won't be too depressing an experience. I know I've lost a lot of endurance while being so sick. If my lungs cooperate and the weather isn't too cold, we might even manage a short hike finally.

Weekly Mileage
Wed: .58 miles walked
     total: .58 miles

0 hikes towards #52hikechallenge
22.61 foot miles towards #365milechallenge
25.00 bike miles towards #365milechallenge