Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Funny

River hugging the neighbor's dog last summer

River took a while to get comfortable with dogs. Small ones have always been ok, but bigger ones are more intimidating, understandably enough.

Over the last year he's been getting more comfortable with bigger dogs. The real test has been our neighbor's Great Dane. That dog is taller than River, but gentle and used to kiddos (his family has three little boys). At first he wasn't sure about Bruce (Banner, the Incredible Hulk), but River has warmed up to him.

Dogs don't have to be living for River to want to give snuggles, and if they're stuffed, the bigger, the better.

This large dog was at Costco last winter, but they also had one that was about 10' tall. River really wanted this one (he didn't get it since we have enough stuffed animals already) so I made sure to steer clear of the huge (and expensive- $180 I think?) stuffed dog. There was no way I wanted him taking a liking to that one.

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