Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our Halloween Costumes this Year

Several months ago Sunshine told me she wanted to be Ahsoka Tano for Halloween. After finding out who she is (Anakin's padowan in the animated Clone Wars series) and what she looked like I spent some time researching her outfit and thinking about how I could replicate it.

I decided it was doable and then made the unilateral decision that we were all going as Star Wars characters again. (you can see last year's Star Wars costumes here) It wasn't until just a couple days before Halloween that I realized there would probably be lots of Star Wars characters this year with the new movie coming out. Oh well.

River was Yoda last year, but Ocean is too small to use that costume yet. I decided Ocean could be an Ewok and River could be a Jawa- both are small and the Ewok could be adapted to cover the baby carrier.

If Ocean was going as an Ewok then I needed to go as Princess Leia on Endor. There were two options- Leia in military garb or Leia in a dress at the Ewok village. The dress was easier, so Ewok Village Leia it was. That also meant that Mr M could go as Han Solo on Endor.

Given the time and money, these costumes would have been much more detailed and accurate. I didn't have the time or money, though, and managed to restrain myself and not stress too badly about how inaccurate the costumes were. I think they all turned out well. Though if we ever have the opportunity, I will totally make screen accurate costumes for us to wear at a Comic Con or similar event :)  I really enjoy the creative process in making the costumes, but I need to start a bit sooner than I did this year- I procrastinated too long and had a few too many late nights as a result.

I'll share more details about each costume in the coming days so that's all I'll say for now.
Han Solo
Ahsoka Tano

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  1. you look great! I tried sooooo hard to get my kids to do the star wars theme this year ... even for just one of the 4 halloween events we went to. But no. You did a great job.