Monday, November 2, 2015

5K Trail Run

Bundled up and trying to stay warm before the race started- two fleeces, a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt. A hat and gloves would have been appreciated at this point.

I ran this race last year and fully expected it to rain again since that's happened the last several years. Instead of rain, though, we got freezing temperatures. It warmed up to 34* by the time we started, but the grass in the shade still had frost on it.

They changed the course this year and I think I like last year's a little better in some respects. The finish this year was a longer straightaway which was nice, but most of the second half of the race was uphill, which wasn't nice. You can tell by my times that the second mile in particular was a bit hairy.

I haven't hit the treadmill this week because I was busy finishing up our halloween costumes. The late nights I spent on those combined with the cold I'm still fighting and my lack of training had me feeling tired and off my game. My shins felt twinge-y so I'm going to have to be careful going forward. I do not need shin splints. Now that the costumes are done I can get to bed earlier and finally kick my cold.

I finished 2.93 miles (it was a bit short, though not as short as last year's course) in 38:12, at a 13:02 pace. This is 30 seconds slower than last week's corn maze 5k, but since this race was also shorter by a little more than a tenth of a mile, I was actually slower than that.
1st mile- 10:54
2nd mile- 14:54
3rd mile- 12:25

After the race. I took off my green fleece for the race and was still a little warm by the end.
Long tights kept my legs covered so I shouldn't get poison ivy this time.

This was a 5k trail race, but it's going on my list as a kilted race since we were encouraged to wear kilts. Not everyone did, but there were a good number who did. I couldn't find a plaid skirt at the thrift store so I bought a cheap costume kilt on Amazon. It had bad gathers instead of pleats, so I pulled them out and reworked the skirt with actual pleats, a flat front, and a hem- none of which it had. It didn't take too long to do and it looked a lot better when I was done. It worked well as a running skirt so I'm adding it to my collection of running skirts. The overachiever in me wanted to wear a real kilt, and while I have one, it no longer fits since I bought it in Scotland 19 years and 3 kiddos ago. I looked on ebay, but couldn't find any cheap enough to sacrifice as a running skirt. I was fully expecting a wet and muddy run and didn't want to worry about ruining a nice kilt. As it turned out, a wool skirt would have been nice at the beginning of the race, though probably not so much later on when I'd warmed up. I rarely wear gloves or a hat while running because I warm up and then get too hot.

This was my 3rd race this month, my 12th in 2015, and the 6th towards my 40 by 40 goal. I'm 4 months down and have 8 months left of the first year. I have 6 races completed, and 14 more to complete by the end of June to stay on track. If I can average 2 races a month I'll be slightly ahead of the game come June, which will give me breathing room for the second year.

Race Time

Kilted Trail 5k (October)

Corn Maze 5k (October)


Almost 10 weeks postpartum

almost 6 weeks postpartum
July 5k           

38 weeks pregnant
June 5k          

34 weeks pregnant
May 5k           

29 weeks pregnant
pushed River in the jogger
April 5k         

28 weeks pregnant
pushed River in the jogger
March 5k       

22 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant
January 5k     

12 weeks pregnant

Event Type
4th of July 5k
4 Mile Fun Run
4 miles
Road Race
All Terrain
Mixed surface
Hill Valley Half
13.1 miles
Cumulative virtual
Corn Maze 5k
Corn Maze
Kilted Trail 5k
Kilted race

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