Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Funny

Ocean looks really upset here, but he really wasn't- it's just the face he was making.
That's one of his blankets that River is holding.

River has co-opted the swaddle blankets we used on him as his blankie that he snuggles with in bed. I really like the swaddle blankets (Aden + Anais brand) and wanted a set for Ocean, but I knew they needed to be easily distinguished from each other. River's are gray and white while Ocean's are blue and white.

The colors don't make that much of a difference to River though: he'll take whatever blankie he can find :)

River has started using "buh" sounds more and one of the distinct words he's used multiple times is "Bob" The Bob books #2 app is totally worth the $3 and River has started using the words they focus on and can match up some of the letters and sounds.

Anyway, we decided to name his blankie (all three of them, since we rotate them out for washing) "Bob". Mr M thinks it's funny to name a blankie "Bob", but hey, it's better than calling it "blankie", and it's more imaginative than "Nanny" (Sunshine's lamb).

Then I got to thinking that Ocean's blankets needed a name as well. We're continually telling River to give Ocean his blanket back, so I decided Ocean's blankets needed a name as well to help differentiate them.

But what to name them?

Then I had an epiphany:

For the uninitiated, those are Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber from Veggie Tales. Bob and Larry. 

We had the Bob, all we need was the Larry. So Ocean's blankets are now Larry. Whether he'll choose to use them as a blankie as well, only time will tell, but in the meantime you'll frequently hear variations of this phrase around our house: "River, give Larry back to Ocean, Bob is right over there."

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