Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July 5k Recap

overcast, but still hot and humid

Saturday I finished my seventh race of the year and tenth while pregnant with this little guy. It also marked the start of my 40 by 40 goal.

I ran this race last year in 34:15. It starts early (7:30 am), but it still manages to be hot and humid. That's July out here for you. This year it was overcast, so at least we didn't have the sun beating down on us too.

I knew that I'd walk this race, since I'd be two weeks from my due date and didn't want to induce labor quite this early. Now, I know I'd said I'd walk the last 2 or 3 races I've done, but I never managed to actually walk the whole way. This time around I managed to stick to my goal, and I did walk the whole race. Though I still walked fast, no sauntering for me. Part of this was that I was one of just a couple people who walked the whole race. I thought I remembered more people walking the race last year, but that sure wasn't the case this year. While I managed not to come in last, I was very close.

When it came right down to it, I wasn't tempted to run any of the race. I was afraid I would be, but even walking fast was a bit more than I should have done. Things did not feel very comfortable, and would have been much worse if I'd done any running. Definitely a lesson for me to slow down and take things a bit easier.

I finished 3.09 miles in 47:44, which is a 15:27 minutes/mile pace. Not my slowest 5k ever, so I'm happy.
mile 1: 15:28
mile 2: 15:06
mile 3: 15:45

2015 races
July 5k             47:44       38 weeks pregnant
June 5k           41:19       34 weeks pregnant
May 5k           40:05       29 weeks pregnant, pushed River in the jogger
April 5k          42:36       28 weeks pregnant, pushed River in the jogger
March 5k        35:32       22 weeks pregnant
February 5k   33:55       20 weeks pregnant
January 5k     33:25       12 weeks pregnant

add in the 2014 races I completed while pregnant:
December 5k      33:25          PR for the year!  pregnant
Turkey Trot 5k  34:22          pregnant
Halloween 5k     35:26          ran in costume, barely pregnant

As I said at the beginning, that's 10 races while pregnant with this little guy. I only did 4 while pregnant with River, but that was also before I started my monthly race goal.


This race is also the official kick-off of my 40 by 40 goal. I won't be getting quite the variety of races I'd hoped to since the next 9-12 months will be occupied with giving birth, recovering, and nursing a baby (all things that really affected my energy levels and food issues when River was a baby). The second year of my two year goal should have more variety, but this first year will be mostly 5k's since I know I can handle those with minimal training.

However, I think completing a 5k while 38 weeks pregnant is a good start to my goal.

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