Monday, April 27, 2015

April 5k Recap

Since I didn't run the half marathon at the beginning of the month, I had to find a 5k in order to keep my goal of at least one race a month. I ended up signing up for the local fundraising 5k that I ran last year while pushing River. It was in our neighborhood last year, but this year they changed the location. While not as convenient, the course was much better. It was entirely on the golf cart paths of a golf course, which meant no vehicle traffic to deal with (a big factor in switching locations, I'm sure) and a serene setting. There were some fairly steep inclines and declines, but they were all fairly short, so weren't too problematic, and the middle portion of the race was all flat, which was super nice.

My original plan was to just walk the race, and maybe jog the downhills, but my internal competitiveness wouldn't allow it. That, and I was actually feeling pretty good. I haven't done any running in almost a month, and my body really appreciated the rest. I started jogging a few steps after the start, and it felt good, so I kept going. I ended up running about half of the race, and if I wasn't coming off a nasty bug I think I could have run more of it.

The main problem was the lack of energy and endurance due to being sick for the last few weeks. As a result, I wasn't able to run as long as I'd like to, but that's ok since I was really happy I was able to run at all. And since last Saturday I was barely able to stand upright, the fact that I was running a week later is tremendous. Oh, and I was pushing River in the jogger, too :)

So really, nothing to complain about other than the pollen in the air and the colder temps (45*) that aggravated my poor lungs and caused me to almost cough up a lung when I got in the warmer air of the car. The colder temps were nice for not overheating while running, though.

I mentioned last Monday that I was finally feeling better, and while that was true, it still took most of the week for me to really feel like I had any energy for anything. I had turned the corner from getting sicker and sicker, but my body still needed time to heal. I wanted to hit the treadmill, but decided to focus on resting and recuperating instead, since that's what I really need.

The race was an even 3.1 miles and I finished in 42:36. Definitely not my fastest time ever, but I did finish it while 28 weeks pregnant, pushing River in the jogger, and still recovering from a nasty bug. So I'm completely happy with my time. If the location is the same next year, I'm definitely looking forward to running this course again.

1st mile-  13:26
2nd mile- 13:14
3rd mile- 14:45 (I was definitely tired by the end of the race)

My May race is next week, which is not how I like my races spaced out, but having to change races didn't leave me any choice in the matter. And given how sick I've been the last few weeks I couldn't have done a substitute race any earlier.


2015 races
April 5k          42:36      28 weeks pregnant, pushed River in the jogger
March 5k       35:32      22 weeks pregnant
February 5k  33:55       20 weeks pregnant
January 5k    33:25       12 weeks pregnant

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