Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Calmer Week

Hug ambush courtesy of River

Last week was crazy busy, but this week we didn't have too many things on our calendar and it's been so nice. Of course, next week is busy again...

Monday we did some spring cleaning/organizing, which mostly meant we cleaned out closets and took winter gear to the basement. Our coat closet was out of control, so it was definitely necessary.

Tuesday we actually made it to park day, which we haven't managed in awhile since it usually interferes with River's nap time. River decided not to take a nap though, so that wasn't an issue. I think he was looking forward to going to the park, which I made the mistake of telling him would happen after nap time. Sunshine had fun flying her kite and River had fun walking all over the soccer field- he thought he was such a big kid.

River warily approaching Sunshine- he got attacked by her kite on more than one occasion

Wednesday there was nothing on the calendar, so after schoolwork, we went to Lowe's and purchased the first round of materials for a ground-level patio outside the basement door. I've gotta take advantage of the nice weather (i.e., not hot, muggy, and buggy), so I got started right away getting the  deck blocks in place. Yesterday evening I also made River a new tie to wear with his Easter sweater- I'll post pictures next week.

I meant to take a before picture, but didn't remember till after the deck blocks were in place. There was no way I was moving them all out of the way just for a picture, so this is as good as it gets for now. I know I have a better picture somewhere, but I'm not going to dig it out right now.

I got half the deck blocks dug in on Wednesday

Today I finished the digging in the deck blocks and cut the wood to length. I didn't quite get everything as level as I wanted, but I ran out of time because River woke up from his nap, so I called it good. We even had time to help a friend pick up a freezer. Since we didn't have anything else planned, I didn't stress about how long it took (longer than expected, of course).

Deck blocks dug in, boards cut to size, and everything mostly level.

Lots to do still, but a good start.

Tomorrow I'll finish leveling everything and use brackets and joist hangers to attach all the wood pieces to each other. As long as it's not raining when River is sleeping, anyway. Scattered showers means it's inevitable that it will be raining when I can actually be out working.

After how stressed I've been lately, this week has been a refreshing change. Sure, Tuesday was our usual busy day, but it wasn't terrible, and while there will be several hours tomorrow where we'll be running all over, for the most part, this week has been nice and non-stressful. I've been so much more productive (working on projects) this week than I feel like I've been in awhile. It's a good reminder to me why I shouldn't cram our schedule full, though I can't always control what ends up on our calendar.

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