Thursday, February 12, 2015

Toddler Vest from a Wool Skirt

A few weeks before Christmas I realized River had outgrown the vest I made him from a pair of pants. We could still button it up, but it was too short to cover his buddha belly. I was expecting this to happen (he is a growing toddler after all), so I had purchased a blue wool skirt at the thrift store to use for his next vest.

Since he is a little boy and the vest will get dirty, I ran the skirt through the washer and dryer to pre-shrink it. Washing and drying also felted the wool a bit, which gives it a little thicker texture than it had before. Perfect for wintertime, I think. When I wash it in the future I will probably let it air dry to prevent further shrinking and felting. The skirt was lined, so I used that lining for the vest lining.

I used the same pattern and tutorial I used on the first vest I made River. I didn't shorten the length this time since the original pattern is intended for one-year-olds. I did adjust the angle at the neck again to give a deeper "V" and turned it into a 3-button vest.

I put the vest together a little differently than last time, mainly because I was hurrying and didn't want to mess with things more than I needed to. When I sewed the lining to the wool at the arm holes and neckline/front edges, I serged them with right sides together, which hid the seams when I turned the pieces right side out. That was the same. What was different was when I sewed the front pieces to the back- I didn't attempt to hide the side and shoulder seams like I did last time. I just serged the seams on the inside and then tacked the edges of the seams down with needle and thread so they wouldn't show too much at the edges.

Even with the spot of hand sewing, the vest only took a couple hours from start to finish. And River is looking handsome in his navy wool vest!

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