Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Funny

River has hit that delightful stage where he wants to do what his big sister does. He likes to follow her around and copy her. Luckily Sunshine thinks it's cute and doesn't complain.

She's taught him how to hide and now River will hide in the closet or behind a bed, usually when I'm trying to get him ready for bed. Sometimes he's quiet and it's hard to find him, but other times his body is easily visible or he's giggling. He's definitely got a mischievous streak going.

When I built our bed, I made it high enough to store our bins and trunks underneath. A side benefit: Sunshine and River have discovered that it's a great hiding place.

The other day Sunshine was sitting on the kitchen floor doing her Latin workbook. River saw her and decided he needed to join her. I peeked around the counter and saw this cuteness:

I hope this lasts and they don't grow out of being buddies.

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