Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Funny

As everyone with kids knows, each one is different. We've definitely seen that with our two kiddos. Sunshine has always been our little snuggle bug- even now she loves her snuggles. River, on the other hand, is so un-snuggly it's funny. Even if he hurts himself he doesn't want a hug to be consoled. The only time we've been able to get snuggles out of him is when he's tired and we're putting him to bed. Then, and only then, will he deign to lean his head on our shoulder.

Lately though, he's started spontaneously giving us hugs. He'll put his arms around my neck after I get him out of bed and he'll attack our legs and hug them.

In fact, I managed to catch River in the act of attacking Sunshine:

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