Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Days!

after Monday's storm

We had a snow storm last Monday and instead of melting that day or the next (like it usually does), the temperatures dropped and stayed cold (frigid) all week. We got another snow storm Saturday, and while the temperatures rose a little Sunday, it wasn't enough to melt the foot or so of snow we'd received. It did leave a nice crust on top that Sunshine has had fun with. Temperatures are still lower than normal here and we're supposed to get more snow tonight or tomorrow morning.

Sunshine couldn't resist playing outside during Saturday's storm and came in looking like a frosted cupcake

Everyone who's from around here is bemoaning the snow and cold, but we're loving it! Well, maybe not the below-zero wind chills, but having snow that actually hangs around is great.
cold weather + actual snow = real winter!

Monday's snow was dry, but Saturday's snow ended with some sleet and a little melting on Sunday, which made for much better sledding conditions.

Sunshine loves the snow and will play in it for hours. River is not nearly as enthralled at this point.

We bundled River up, and he was very much underwhelmed. He's worn leather soft shoes his whole life and can't stand the heavy, non-flexible snow boots we forced onto his feet. He was afraid to move and acted like he was going to fall over at any second. We took him outside, and he just stood there. We tried to get him to sled with Sunshine, and he cried the whole time. Not a successful venture, but hilarious to watch his over-reactions.

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