Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not too much longer till my Army Guy is back!

My Army Guy might be home sooner than we thought! He's supposed to arrive back in the States on the 18th, and he thought he only had a couple days of debriefing stuff, which would put him back here sooner than we had heard (the 28th is what's been circulating). I had planned on driving out to get him on the 25th, but if he's going to be flying in sooner, we'll be leaving sooner too. Throws things off a bit, especially since we won't know the real schedule till he actually gets here. Not good for my gotta-plan-things-out OCD side.

So yesterday and today I ran errands, trying to make sure everything is ready to go, dug out our suitcases, and made a list of things to pack. Some of the packing can be done ahead of time, but some will have to wait till we know when we're leaving. I also have to make sure I have the Primary music stuff (which songs to work on, a substitute, etc) ready to go- for the three Sundays that I might or might not be gone. I only anticipate being gone for one, possibly two Sundays, but which one(s) won't be determined till my Army Guy actually arrives. So I need to be ready for all eventualities.

Yesterday I finished the second removable piece for Little Miss Sunshine's car seat cover. Yay!

Today I edited my Army Guy's midterm and read through some articles so I can proof his paper intelligently once he gets it written. It's going to be tight, but he's trying really hard to get everything written and turned in before the deadline (3 days from now), all while packing up and traveling from the base he's been on to a larger one, in preparation to coming home. And he's not sure he'll have an internet connection throughout this...

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