Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The car seat cover is finally finished!

I finally finished Little Miss Sunshine's car seat cover. The first picture is her old car seat, with the cover I made for it. I loved that fabric, too bad I couldn't find more...

The second photo is her current car seat. I really like it, and I like the pink, but unfortunately it gets dirty very easily. Especially since LMS has a habit of stepping on it as she climbs into it, and her shoes aren't always very clean. So my OCD takes over and I find myself making covers for her car seats.

The third and fourth photos show her car seat with the new cover. The darker purple line across the back, near where the seat joins the back, is where the removable piece attaches. I made one (and will make another as soon as I buy more bias tape; I barely had enough for the first one) removable piece that covers where she sits and where her feet rest. Those are the places that get the dirtiest.

The main seat cover is two pieces: one that covers the seat, foot rest, side pieces and goes up and around the top; the other covers the head rest and the back rest. The removable piece sits on top of the main piece and attaches to the back rest. Now I can just unhook it, toss it in the wash, and put the spare in place, without having to take the entire cover off. Which can be a massive pain. I know a lot of people don't worry about keeping car seats clean, but my OCD won't let me let it go.

Next up: making a slip cover for a chair. I've been gathering various pieces of furniture so I can furnish the room LMS and I share for my parents when we move out. I've found some great deals on craigslist, but in the instance of the chair, the cushions are red, which completely clashes with the color scheme. The price was too good to pass up, though, and I don't mind a bit of sewing. I also got a killer deal on a log bed, but will have to strip the crappy stain job (I kinda think that's why they were selling it: they got tired of looking at it) to make it look decent.

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