Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm finally feeling a bit better

I haven't gotten much accomplished this week: I've felt like crap the last few days, but am finally feeling better (though not 100% yet). I did get my 6 month teeth cleaning done (no cavities!) and went to the doctor for a followup on the nausea (gone, thanks to the Nexium), and got my lungs checked out at the same time. No bronchitis or pneumonia, though my doctor does think I triggered my asthma pretty badly. I'm not completely sure that's the case here, though I do know that my asthma has been acting up since moving back here, so I didn't argue the point. I haven't used an inhaler in about 10 years, and it's been a couple years longer than that since I was using one on a regular basis. I'm curious to see if the inhaler makes a difference.

To illustrate how sick I've been: Wednesday morning after breakfast, I came upstairs and laid down. I ended up falling asleep, and when I woke up, the night shirt Little Miss Sunshine had been wearing was laying on the floor next to my bed, and she was nowhere to be seen. My first thought was 'Hmm, looks like LMS is running around naked.' Turns out she'd been trying to wake me up, and my mom and little brother heard her and came up to see what she was talking about. They helped her get dressed, and she went downstairs to play. On the rare occasions that I've fallen asleep during the day, I'm usually not deeply asleep- I wake up pretty easily. Not this time. I didn't hear her at all!

Thankfully, I'm feeling almost human now, and will finally be able to get some stuff done tomorrow. Good thing we didn't end up having to head out this week to go pick up my Army Guy: I haven't managed to pack yet (on the list for tomorrow), and driving while feeling that bad? That would not have been fun at all. He is in the States, though we still don't know when exactly we can go pick him up. We should find out soon, though.

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