Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fredericksburg Battlefield Jr Ranger

I just love how River is trying to copy Sunshine's pose :)

Monday was a field trip day, and since I'm an overachiever and despite it being the third field trip in three weeks (Shenandoah and Ft Monroe/Yorktown), we headed out on the road. Before we even headed home I'd decided it was a bit much for all of us. We're all tired and off kilter. Our next field trip Monday is in a week and a half, but we'll be staying home that day, and I'll make sure we have sufficient time to recover in between field trips in the future. Messing with our schedule is just hard on all of us.

the lone section of original rock wall - they've re-built the other sections

We went on a ranger-conducted tour of the Fredericksburg battlefield area, and it was very informative. Unfortunately, I didn't hear it all because Ocean lost it and screamed through most of the presentation. So I stood a distance away with the boys while Sunshine listened to the presentation. Ocean was just exhausted and wanted to be in his own bed, which I can't blame him for.

 more than 15,000 Union soldiers were interred in the Fredericksburg National Cemetery after the war. most graves are only marked with numbers as the identities of most are unknown.

The battle at Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas was so much bloodier than I realized. We've visited Wilderness Battlefield (though we didn't do the Jr Ranger program because we didn't realize there was one), but I somehow managed to gloss over the sheer numbers of deaths involved. It's very sobering to realize so many died fighting for our country. The video reenactment we watched was a bit intense for River, but luckily he lost interest and wandered around the room. I think Sunshine found it a bit overwhelming.

Four battlefields make up the Fredericksburg Spotsylvania Battlefield area and kiddos can earn a rocker for each battlefield. One down, three more to do.

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