Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ft Monroe and Yorktown Jr Ranger Badges

Ft Monroe Jr Ranger

Last week we had a tour scheduled at Yorktown with our history club, so being the overachiever I am, we went to Ft Monroe in the morning before the Yorktown tour. The over-optimistic side of me even thought we could do Jamestown that afternoon after the Yorktown tour. Sometimes I can be so out of touch with reality :)

River got bored while waiting for Sunshine to fill out her booklet

I'm not sure why, but Sunshine wanted a picture of her hugging the cannon balls :)

Reality set in, of course, and we ended up rushing through Ft Monroe to make it to the Yorktown tour on time. Luckily, we've been to Ft Monroe before (we visited with my sister years ago, but we didn't realize back then that they had a Jr Ranger program), so it wasn't completely new. Even so, there's always some hunting to find all the answers for the Jr Ranger booklets and the little boys don't appreciate the down time while Sunshine writes everything down.

After we finished at Ft Monroe, we went to Yorktown and started the Jr Ranger program before the tour. It rained pretty much the whole time we were there, so we sheltered under a tree during the ranger's presentation. Well, most of us sheltered under the tree. River ran around looking for puddles to splash in and got soaked. But he was happy, so I wasn't complaining.

it started sprinkling and River went looking for water to play in

it started raining harder and we all got a bit wet

After the presentation we did most of the driving tour of the surrounding area, visiting the significant locations of the siege at Yorktown. It was getting late and the boys hadn't taken good naps, so we hurried a bit so we could get on the road and back home.

Yorktown is part of Colonial National Historical Park, along with Jamestown and a couple other smaller sites in the area

We learned a lot at Yorktown, but we shouldn't have crammed in the visit to Ft Monroe on the same day. Both visits would have been more enjoyable if we weren't rushing through things, and we wouldn't have had to skip parts. My efforts to save time and gas money backfired. Lesson learned (I hope).
Yorktown Jr Ranger

Yorktown is part of the Historic Triangle that is made up of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. We visited Williamsburg two years ago and Jamestown this spring with our history club (but I never posted about it since I didn't get good pictures). Williamsburg is owned by a private non-profit, so it doesn't have a Jr Ranger program. Jamestown and Yorktown are operated by the National Park Service, but when we went to Jamestown I didn't realize there's a Jr Ranger program there, so we didn't do it then. We'll be heading back so we can check Jamestown off our list.

And just for comparison's sake, I pulled the pics from our visit to Ft Monroe more than 5 years ago and put them next to our most recent visit. Sunshine has grown so much!

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