Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Proud Homeschool Moment

When some friends came over recently, they ran over a toad on their way up the driveway. While the kiddos were outside playing they found the fresh roadkill and decided to do a bit of dissection.

They came in and found the tools leftover from Ocean's stitches (the ER we went to was going to toss them if we didn't take them), some gloves, and a small frog dissection model I bought a few years ago.

They carefully examined and identified the parts of the frog. The only thing they were missing was a scalpel to open up the frog more neatly. Despite the lack of a scalpel they did a great job and learned a lot. And they didn't have to smell formaldehyde while doing it- does anyone else remember that funky smell that lingered around dissection critters in science class?

My friend and I had to grab our phones and take pictures- it was such a great moment for us :)  It's always nice to see your children being motivated on their own to learn and explore, regardless of whether they're homeschooled or not.

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