Tuesday, November 4, 2014


River has gained enough confidence while walking that he'll carry stuff around while walking.

At 12 1/2 months (a few weeks ago) River was walking confidently. He'd been walking short distances before then, but it wasn't till then that he decided it was quicker to walk than crawl. This puts him walking confidently a month and a half earlier than Sunshine did. Now he's walking like a champ and I don't get to do much sitting around anymore- I'm trying to keep up with him :) He frequently has his arms up, with elbows bent, which I think is such a funny look. 

River found the gym floor a bit slippery, but he was fascinated by the accordion dividing wall. It moved when he pushed on it!

That was so much fun Mommy! He likes clapping and sometimes will just randomly start clapping. This one was a little bit more appropriate :)
River is wearing the vest I made here. It's about time to make him a new one...

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