Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cub Scout Campfire Neckerchief Slide

I haven't posted any neckerchief slides for awhile because I'm no longer a den leader. However, as pack committee chair I'm still very involved with our pack. We had pack meeting a couple weeks ago and since our cub master was out of town, I ended up organizing things. We had a little campfire program at one of the boy's homes and I came up with a couple activities for the boys. I brought a bunch of those cheap glow bracelets for the boys to play with, and I meant them to play a ring toss game, but I think they just ended up running around playing tag or something. They were having fun, so I wasn't too concerned. I also brought materials for them to make campfire neckerchief slides.

I found the idea here and even though the link for the printable is broken I was able to print the image and use that to get my flame templates. I traced and cut out the flames so all the boys had to do was stick them together. I used sticky back foam for the red and yellow layers to eliminate the need for hot gluing them. We hot glued the mini popsicle sticks for the logs, and then glued a piece of electrical conduit to the back for the slide.

We had siblings there also, so I brought some safety pins and they glued those to the back so they'd have a campfire pin. These were quick and easy- just right for short attention spans :)

- craft foam in red, orange, and yellow
- mini popsicle sticks
- conduit
- safety pins (optional)

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